Jan. 7th, 2010

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I didn't think there was, but today highlighted one for me.

Equality of the sexes.

If you don't think women should have equal rights with men, I can't see us ever seeing eye to eye. I won't even apologise for this; I don't see why I should.

If you're going to treat women as if they're somehow less because of their genetics, then I will probably have some very strong words to say to you.

Aside from this, I am happy to discuss and question opposing viewpoints. I am often friends with people who hold diametrically opposing viewpoints to my political and religious convictions :)
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My journal is not friends only, however my public posts are few and far between. If you just want to see pretty pictures of corsets, it's best to not add me and just visit from time to time, as I post my corset pictures publicly.

I also don't always get LJ notifications, or sometimes I get so many I miss comments. I'm sorry if you have asked to be added and I have not answered; I must seem dreadfully rude! You aren't really missing much, I mostly talk about sewing, goth nights, and cake, with the occasional foray into voodoo dolls if I'm in a bad mood!

In future, if you wish to be added, comment here and I will answer you :D


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