Jan. 16th, 2010


Jan. 16th, 2010 12:07 pm
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NOW I'm confused.

In 2008, I was kicked out of Tynemouth Priory for photographing some models in outfits for my website. They said I would be using the photographs for commercial purposes, despite me speaking to someone on the phone who told me that so long as I wasn't selling the photos, there was no issue.

I have accepted this, and frankly haven't set foot in an English Heritage property since, as they were very rude in the process.

I still maintain it's because all the amateur photographers were more interested in us than in their shoddy organised event, which was pants. A nylon shawl and wicker basket do NOT cut it as a Victorian costume, kthnxbai. And I let anyone who asked come and photograph my models and my outfits - in fact I had several members of a camera club stop by and thank me, as they rarely get to photograph models!

So today, I am on Flickr, and have a look at the pretty pictures of Whitby Abbey.

And they have photos of dressed up people in there. On their approved site.

There's also a woman on Flickr who makes Victorian outfits, photographed at at least 3 of their properties, using her pics for commercial purposes.

There is NOTHING on their website which says I can't take pics at their properties and use them on my website!

So, is it time I got medeival on their asses?


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