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The First Rule of My Livejournal is.... NOT talk about my LiveJournal :)

The second rule of my LiveJournal is do NOT talk about my LiveJournal :D

Seriously, though, if you want to add me, please read my profile page :

If, after ploughing through all that you still want to add me, fine, comment here, and we'll talk :)

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Ok, I've read it. What now? ;)

Its Ian

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Hey Marie

Its Ian from Facebook. Ive added you so I can grab the Absinthe recipies youre nice enough to share :)

I hope thats ok chuck :)

Re: Its Ian

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That's fine Ian - I make the successful recipes public, as in most cases I am adapting them from public source recipes :)

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hey marie. Its tia... if you couldnt tell. ramble! sorry.

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Hi Tia! I've added you and put you on a couple of the filters which might interest you :)

There's loads of rambling in my LJ so don't worry about it :D

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Hello:) Chris, from Luxury Stranger

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Hello Chris! Do you want me to add you?

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Done! :)


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Erm, it is me...from Cute N Creepy here.
I hope this is the right place to say hello.
Sorry to hear about all the stuff which is going on at the moment...don't let the buggers get you down.

Re: Hello!

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Hello! Adding you back now :)

Re: Hello!

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Ok, thank you. By the way I am not trying to be nosey...just don't like listening to one side of things without knowing the other side, if that makes any sense.

Re: Hello!

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I know.

I just didn't want to make the whole thing public. I consider it unprofessional to air your dirty laundry in public, so I tend to stick to Friends locked posts to maintain a degree of privacy. But calling us untrustworthy and unprofessional for enquiring about booking a venue (which is what promoters DO) is beyond the pale.

fettling you

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so what do i do now?

Re: fettling you

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Nothing H, I'll add you back now :D

Re: fettling you

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I've added you, you should be able to read me now :)

Whitby shenanigans

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We're Facebook friends and on nodding terms when I see you and Ghost at Whitby
Hope I'm posting this in the right place, it's been so long since I used LJ.




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Hey,this is Marc,Jenni's fiancé,thought i'd add you here as well :)

Re: Hi

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I've added you back :)

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'ello there, Jackie here.
following orders like a good little Froglet and posting on here to request an addition to your flist (also posted via fbook).
would be good to chat more to you at Whitby, etc, but that would involve seeing you when you're not working ....

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lol I'm always working at Whitby, unless you can catch me on Thursday night or Monday during the day :)

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hello! I am Corrina, we have never met (I'm assuming)but I am spending a couple of hours adding - or in you case hoping to add - interesting-looking souls to mt live journal friends list. This is all connected to my resolution to be more sociable and less of a mopey introvert.
best wishes Corrina

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Hi Corrina!

If you've been to Whitby, we've probably crossed paths at some point :)

My journal is quite personal and can be a bit sweary and ranty, if you can cope with that, I'll add you :D

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Hi! I know you through [ profile] thebatsmeow and [ profile] crikeyaphrodite, and would love to be added.

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Hello! I do warn you that I am foul-mouthed and very opinionated, but apart from that I'm reasonably well-mannered and well-behaved. So if you don't mind cussin' and ranting (generally about feminism and the goth scene!) then I don't mind adding you :)

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You said ask, so I'm asking :)

Just seen your post on [ profile] steamfashion and saw in your profile that you're in the UK. And you sew, while I can't.

I am a Steampunk, though that's not immediately obvious from my LJ, heh.
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Hi, I saw your post in the PE post in [ profile] ontdcreepy about making your own goth clothes. I have always always always wanted to make my own cute clothes because aside from Torrid, I can't ever seem to find anything in my size that is also cute. :3 So anyway, I came over out of curiosity to look at yer stuffs and you sound like you're pretty much my kind of person with the loving corsets and costumes and the RPGs and bad (but oh so gooood!) vampire novels and just... all of it. In fact, I may have developed an instant internet-crush on you, if you don't find that too creepy. >_> Anyway, long and rambling comment, I'd love to be added and I'd like to add you, too!

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Sure! I'll put you on my 'Creepy' filter too, so you can read when I post about creepy stuff as well as the other stuff :)