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Writer's Block: Thumbs down!

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I detest romances and 'chick lit'. I just have no empathy with the characters. I despair when a perfectly good book starts rambling off into romance territory. Urgh.

As to films, I'm not fond of romantic comedies, especially modern ones. I just wind up wanting to slap most of the characters in the head. I'm not hugely fond of action films set in the modern period, either, where it has no plot beyond a flimsy excuse to blow things up and race around in souped-up cars.

And finally, 'horror' films which are just one long round of blood, gore, torture, and chasing half-naked girls. I thought that went out in the 70s, but apparently not.

I put up with them when I'm forced to, but most of my friends have zero interest in these kind of films either, thankfully :D

It caused more problems when I was working in offices, and was forced to have conversations with the kind of people who read chick lit, go to see rom coms at the cinema, and griped endlessly about not being able to find 'a perfect man'. I just had no patience for them, and would sit in the corner of the cafeteria, reading something I liked, and ignoring them!