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Writer's Block: My secret self

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I tend to talk about personal stuff on LJ. I talk more about corsetmaking, my literary tastes, my taste in music and any health issues here. I only use one other social networking site, Facebook, and I must look shallow as a puddle in the middle of the Sahara in hot season on there.

Most of my offline friends are online (except Olly, and he's a bloody luddite). I only get to talk to some of my friends on LJ, some because they live on different continents, and some just because we have never chosen to meet up. I would say there are some things I talk more freely about here, because people can choose not to read them. In person, they're stuck with you droning on and on about stuff they don't give a hoot about!

I think that my LJ is pretty much me, warts and all. I'm fairly certain my friends will back me up on that :)

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