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Writer's Block: A political affair

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I don't care about the personal/ romantic lives of soap 'stars' film stars, footballers, golfers, actors, or anyone else for that matter. I can't stand chat magazines, the vacuousness and viciousness of them drive me to screaming fury.

You can only expect people to be human, not saints. I don't imagine there's any higher a degree of misbehaviour in politics than in any other profession.

There have been plenty of politicians who have successfully held down high profile posts whilst 'misbehaving'. I think it depends on how far something is in the past; if, for example, they're coming to power in their 50s and the indiscretions were whilst they were at University in their 20s, then pffft. People mature, settle down.

If it's not affecting their job, why do we even care? If the man who ran your local chip shop was in his 50s and had an affair, but you could still get cod and chips on a Friday night when you wanted them, you wouldn't care, why should you care if the Secretary for State had a weekend fling with his secretary but is still doing his job well enough? You have to allow people some slack.

Now, if the indiscretions are criminal, then the public has a right to know. But if it's yet another pointless story about a politician having an affair, who gives a toss?

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