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Writer's Block: Raining cats or dogs?

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I distinctly prefer cats. The more vicious and hate-filled the cat, the better I tend to like them - if anyone has seen my old posts about Ba'al, you'll know exactly what I mean :) Cats aren't cute little fluffy balls, they're vicious killing machines with cute faces :D

I don't mind dogs. I don't like yappy dogs, or the ones who sound stupid when they bark. I kind of like highly-strung, clever dogs like Afghan hounds and Irish wolfhounds, and there's a man who lives near me who breeds cross-breeds (wolf and husky) which are absolutely stunning animals, even if they do occasionally turn up in my back garden.

But I'd still rather have cats. I was immensely proud of Golgotha for his mole-killing spree :D And Gethsemane looks like a sweet little thing, but has been depopulating the area of mice for several months now :D

Yes, my cats do all get vaguely biblical names, do you think I'm the kind of person who'd call her cat 'Fluffykins'?

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I prefer dogs. Big dogs preferably. We had a series of labradors when I was growing up and if I had the space and was home enough that's what I'd have, or something similar. But in my opinion owning a dog when you work full time is just plain cruel. Not keen on yappy things either, the only small dog I'd have is a westie as they're at least sturdy wee things.

I don't dislike cats, but I am quite lukewarm about them. More importantly I'm quite badly allergic which A has never quite forgiven me for :) as he's totally a cat person. I would have one for him if I could, but it would be pretty unbearable for me.

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Sort of the same here. I have a dog (a springer spaniel), and bouncy isn't the word.
I don't mind cats too much, but am allergic to an extent. This doesn't really show unless I haven't taken antihistamines lately, and I can certainly tolerate them for quite a while.
Eventually I start to sneeze, which is then time to move on.