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Writer's Block: Don't tease me bro!

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Yes. Waaaaaay too far.

Yes. I used to have a 'friend' who would try to impress other people by repeatedly drawing their attention to my imagined failings. I know I have faults, but telling a complete stranger about them in vulgar language is well over the line. Strangely enough, it rarely worked, and on at least one occasion led to both the 'friend' and the stranger being utterly humiliated. :D  If you need to insult someone else to make yourself look good, you seriously need to improve your personality, in my opinion. I suppose I am over-sensitive, but most teasing just offends me. And I tell the culprit in no uncertain terms where to go!

No. I rarely tease people, and I stop when I think I might hurt their feelings. Often this is well short of when other people would stop, but I'd rather not upset my friends as they are lovely people :)