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Firstly, some cautionary words. If you have never boiled sugar before, please, please read up on the effects. A sugar burn is one of the worst you can get!

675g caster sugar
500ml water
The juice of 1 lemon
100g cornflour
25g powdered gelatine (I used 2 sachets of Dr. Oetker beef Gelatine)
25g icing sugar
3 tablespoons Absinthe

This produces a pale yellow-green mixture, if you want a brighter colour, you can add some food colouring at the same time as the absinthe :)

1. Put the caster sugar in a pan with the juice of 1 lemon and 300ml water. Bring to the boil over a moderate heat, stirring occasionally.
2. Mix 75g cornflour with remaining 200ml water until smooth. Stir into sugar mixture. Once mixed, sprinkle on the gelatine and stir in thoroughly.
3. Return to the boil over moderate heat. Simmer briskly for 20 minutes. I stirred this almost constantly (ouch) as I didn't want it to burn. The mixture will be the colour and consistency of honey.
4. Remove from the heat and allow to cool for 10 minutes.
5. Stir in absinthe, and food colouring if desired. The absinthe may go weird and milky as it hits the sugar - this is normal, just stir like crazy!
6. Prepare a tin (I used an old square biscuit tin!) by lining it with cling film. Mix the remaining cornflour with the icing sugar, sifting them together. Sift LIBERALLY over the prepared tin. You have to do this or it will stick like crazy!
7. Allow to set. My recipe recommended 12 hours but mine was set in 1 hour - in the end, I left it for 8 hours.
8. Sift cornflour and icing sugar onto a chopping board. Turn set mixture out onto the board. Sift liberally with icing sugar and cornflour; place the rest in a bowl.
9. Cut delight into bite sized chunks and place into the cornflour and icing sugar. Warning - the plain mixture, without the icing sugar mix, feels horrible, like those gummy hands you get at halloween.
10. Shake off excess and transfer to airtight container (I used a glass storage jar with a sealable lid).

Keeps for up to 1 month, or until your friends get at it!


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